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    We at United Duct Cleaning have a primary objective of providing an environment that is clean and safe. Everything about us is to provide services in hood cleaning to every homestead and also to every commercial building. We don’t shy away from hoods that are most dirty, but we get inspired to know that we are doing what is our best. We use our expertise and our latest technology equipment our cleaning services leaving the dirtiest hood sparkling clean and shining.

    We have been recognized by FDNY by the issuance of a certificate showing we are fit for these services. It does not matter where you are or how high your hood might be, just contact us and we shall be glad to provide you with our professional services.

    Who We Are

    United Hood Cleaning which is co-owned by family members is a business that has grown with time to become a big enterprise.

    Team Members

    Our team members are professionals who have had intense in-house training in our cleaning procedures. We follow all the laid down regulations by adhering to every single guideline in observing all safety measures.

    What We Offer

    We offer low-budget cleaning services to both our commercial and residential clients without compromising our unique high cleaning standards.  We, therefore, offer the following services:

    ·         Commercial and residential hood cleaning

    Removing grease from the hood that has built up over time can only be done by professional personnel using special equipment. Grease collection will not only slow your exhaust system but it could pose a danger of catching fire.

    ·         Exhaust grease filter cleaning

    Exhaust grease filter must be professionally cleaned and maintained in order to avoid fire dangers that happen in most kitchens.

    ·         Restaurant kitchen hood cleaning

    Cleaning your kitchen hood needs professionalism and using the right equipment. If not well maintained and properly cleaned, the collected greasy dirt can easily catch fire posing danger to both the staff and the building.

    ·         High-temperature thermal insulation

    Using the right material for your thermal insulation can only be handled by professionals. United Hood Cleaning has both the expertise and experience in thermal insulation.

    ·         Grease trap cleaning

    To avoid your sewer from blocking, United Hood Cleaning recommends regular cleaning of kitchen traps. The collection of greasy dirt can easily block your sewer thereby becoming smelly and posing health hazards.

    ·         Air duct cleaning

    Poorly maintained air vents collect dust, mold and other types of debris which can block the vents rendering poor performance of your dryer vent. A dirty vent can also pollute the air you breathe by releasing dusty and moldy air which can be very harmful to your health.


    Certificates of Competence

    United Hood Cleaning is proud to be recognized by both FDNY and IKECA for high standard services by issuance of the following certificates:

    ·         FDNY Certified Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Company (F-64 / W-64)

    ·         IKECA Certifications



    Reliable fast services with flexible schedules

    We are trained professional personnel that adheres to all local fire and safety codes enabling your business pass all Government Inspections.

    We have been passed and approved by IKECA to clean exhausts and hoods for both residential and commercial buildings.

    Services Area Coverage

    We are glad to serve a wide clientele in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, New Jersey, Long Island, Upstate New York and Connecticut.


    We are open from Monday to Friday – 8 am to 6 pm


    For all your inquiries, free estimate and quotation and further information, please call us Toll-Free at (212) 401-0694

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      This guy’s are amazing chimney sweep service. They came in the same day I called them. The technician was very nice and professional. I will recommend there chimney cleaning service to anyone that leaves in New York

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