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    At United Air Duct Cleaning we firmly believe that everyone is entitled to live in a clean air environment. Our everyday work is to ensure you get this clean air. With regular cleaning, one can’t penetrate right inside the air ducts to remove dirt that builds with time and can be harmful to your health. We are the best solution for cleaning air ducts to the inner core using the latest technology.


    The Team

    The team behind the high achievements of this company comprises:

    AVI SHENDY – Co-Founder and Salesman

    MIKE TUGENDDER – Site Manager

    SIMON TEYER – Marketing Manager

    DESDERIA DELVALLE – Office Manager


    Our Services

    In all of our services, we use the latest technology equipment which enables us to achieve the best results. Among these types of equipment is HEPA filtration equipped negative air machine, sturdy air rabble-rouser with a robust compressor to release pressurized water for thorough cleaning.

    ·         All Air Duct Cleaning

    Dirty, clogged air duct will emit dirty air. Our professional cleaning services will leave your air duct sparkling freshly clean. You will get to experience fresh and clean ‘morning air’ all the daylong throughout the year.

    ·         Exhaust System in Commercial and Domestic Kitchen

    Your cooking place should always remain thoroughly clean. Our exhaust system cleaning services will thoroughly clean your home leaving it free from any health hazards.

    ·         Air Handler Units

    Our professional cleaning services will thoroughly clean your AHU leaving it circulating clean fresh air in your office or home.

    ·         Chimney Cleaning

    Clogged kitchen chimneys and boiler chimneys can reverse the smoke back to your house or industry. Get professional cleaning services from United Air Duct Cleaning to keep everyone safe from any health hazards.

    ·         Cleaning Greasy Pipes and Sewerages

    Greasy clogged pipes and sewerage can be a mess when they start spilling their dirty, greasy stuff everywhere. To avoid this from happening in your premises, get your pipes checked and unblocked by regularly cleaning them professionally.

    ·         Cleaning Dryer Vent

    A dryer vent that is clogged with dirt can be less effective thereby using more energy than usual. More power usage means higher energy consumption bills. It can also be a health hazard by emitting dirty air in your environment. Get your dryer vent cleaned using modern technology equipment for your safety and good health.

    ·         Cleaning your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) System

    For good heating, ventilation and air circulation, HVAC must be professionally cleaned regularly.


    Our Clients

    With over ten years of cleaning services, United Air Duct Cleaning has been privileged in serving many different clients. Among our notable clients are:

    ·         Bar and Restaurants

    Planet Hollywood, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

    ·         Hotels

    Intercontinental Hotel, The Standard Hotel, Morgans New York, Greenwich Hotel

    ·         Transportation Air and Railroad

    JFK Airport, Amtrak Penn Station, MTA

    ·         Real Estate and Insurance Firms

    Brown Harris Steven’s Building, SL Green Management

    ·         Schools and Universities

    Barnard College, Institute of Culinary Education, Manhattan College


    Free estimates

    We shall get to you within the shortest time with our free estimates once you get in touch with us.



    For all your inquiries, quotation and further information, please contact us on 718-255-6674 and info@unitedairductcleaning.com https://www.unitedairductcleaning.com/

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