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    White sparkling teeth with a dazzling smile are what everyone desires to have. It can be unfortunate and depressing for those with brown or colored teeth. In fact, the exterior beauty of a person is judged by the healthy gum, white and healthy teeth. White teeth always boost confidence to smile easily and laugh openly.

    We, Peter Castellana Dental Services know the importance of a healthy gum with white teeth. It is our responsibility to restore the lost glamour and confidence of white teeth.

    Poor dental health leads to other health issues like heart disease. It is therefore vital to have a regular dental checkup to arrest any dental problem before it becomes a severe health concern.


    Who We Are

    We are dentists whose primary desire is restoring back many lost smiles on sad faces. We aim in offering you dentistry services with gentleness to your dental problem.



    Our topmost agenda is in offering services of high quality to all our patients. It is, therefore, our pleasure to serve all patients and clients at a personal level using our skills and expertise in our services. Some of these services are:

    ·         Informing and educating

    We advise and educate on oral care. We guide dental patients in making sound decisions when called to choose the best alternative to dental health issues.

    ·         Providing high skilled dental services and treatment

    Periodic visits to a dentist may realize a dental problem long before it becomes severe. In such a case, only a qualified dentist can attend to your dental problem by treating it.

    ·         Whitening Stained Teeth

    Professional whitening of stained teeth is the way to go. While there are many different over-the-counter teeth whitening products, some of them may be harmful to your oral health. Also, there are many reasons that lead to teeth staining and only a dentist can identify the cause and know whether it needs dental treatment first before working on it.

    ·         Root Canal Procedure

    Root canal procedure is frightening to many. Using the many tools for this procedure can indeed be scary. However, the experience is not that bad compared to losing your tooth or undergoing other severe dental issues. Why fear anyway? It is not that bad. After all your gum will be treated with a numbing agent that protects you from feeling any pain through the whole procedure.

    ·        Dental Implant

    A dental implant is the latest technology of replacing a lost tooth. Synthetic dental implant tooth which dental experts match it with your natural teeth, feel like any other natural tooth. It is therefore not easy to differentiate it from the others making you comfortable with it.

    ·         Occupational Safety

    Infection control is the first concern in our list. As much as we have to protect ourselves, we also care for our patients as well. We take strict precautions in maintaining our tools and apparatus from cross-contamination by using the high standard sterilizing process as recommended. We strictly adhere to the set rules by ADA (American Dental Association), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), and CDC (Center for Disease Control.

    We offer other many amazing services. For more information, we humbly request you to visit our website, contact us on Telephone: +39 045 49 31 880

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