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    Grease Trap and Hood Cleaning Company which was established to change people’s perspective in cleaning greasy traps and greasy smoked hoods. This kind of services which has always been regarded as a job for lowly people who don’t have any other alternative but to do it has in the recent times changed.

    Who We Are

    Grease Trap and Hood Cleaning is a business that was started out of one man’s zeal to give back to the society by rendering cleaning services. What followed after this, was the birth and the growth of Grease Trap and Hood Cleaning. Since then, we have never looked back but have continued to render these services with zeal and expertise.

    The company was established in 2002, and since then it has passed ‘leaps and bounds’ to get to where it is now.


    Team Members

    Our team members have both skills and professionalism in handling the trap and cleaning hood services.

    Our technicians are highly trained in cleaning services, handling cleaning types of equipment, and how to observe safety measures for both the client and themselves while on duty.

    We follow hood cleaning laid down rules and regulations and advise our clients on how to adhere to these rules.


    What We Offer

    We offer high quality, fast, and affordable services.  We serve both commercial and residential customers without prejudice. Our services are:

    ·         Kitchen Hood Cleaning

    Cleaning kitchen hood that has collected and build-up grease is not just a wipe and go affair. It takes hood cleaning professionalism and special biodegradable detergents to achieve excellent results. It is vital and essential to ensure your kitchen hood is not clogged up otherwise you run the risk of your kitchen catching fire. Get it done professionally and quickly.

    ·         Cafeteria Hood Cleaning

    Self-cleaning of your cafeteria hood is like doing ‘first-aid’ to your kitchen hood. Much is left undone with this type of cleaning. We do a thorough cleaning that ensures all grease and smoke build up is gone.

    ·        Commercial Cooking area Hood Cleaning Service in NYC

    It is imperative to have your commercial cooking area sparkling clean all through. There are no side-tracking in this. It is a requirement of the law that you observe high standards of cleanliness. You can do all the rest but, kitchen hood needs professional cleaners. Our cleaning services abide by the laid down cleaning standards, thanks to our FDNY Certificate in hold cleaning.

    ·         Restaurant Cooking Area Hood Cleaning

    Greasy dung-like dirt easily catches fire and rated as the highest fire causing elements in most kitchens. For the safety of both your customers and your employees, not forgetting you and also your premises, it is advisable to keep the kitchen hood clean. Grease Trap and Hood Cleaning are certified to carry hood cleaning services while observing all safety measures.

    ·        Grease Trap Cleaning Service in NYC

    If there is one place that can bring your restaurant business down is a grease trap. A greasy trap exudes terrible smell and when in the worst condition it oozes out dirty, greasy, dark-colored sewage-like stuff. To avoid this kind of a mess, engage regular professional help from Grease Trap and Hood Cleaning Company to do the ‘dirty’ job for you leaving your premises clean.



    For all your inquiries, further information, and scheduling for an appointment, please contact us on 646-703-0047


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