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We Want You & Your Family To Enjoy Beautiful, Comfortable Smiles For A Lifetime.


    We here at Peter Castellana Dental are a team of dental professionals who are devoted to providing you with high-quality dental services. We focus our services on preventative dental care to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and have a sparkling natural smile.

    Our preventative care consists of regularly scheduled appointments as well as education on how you can protect your dental health at home.

    We believe that taking care of your teeth and gums properly can prevent future problems with your oral health. We provide general dental services for both children and adults.

    Of course, despite your best efforts, you may suffer from dental problems, however, we believe with regular preventative dental care we can spot small dental problems early and provide the right treatment before those small problems become large painful problems.

    In addition, we believe that quality dental care should be part of your overall health care, which is why we inform ourselves regarding your overall physical health. We need to know what medications you are taking and what health problems you may have that may know what impact these medications or health conditions may impact your dental care or how your dental care may impact your health problems. We also provide regular high blood pressure and sleep issue screening.


    Other Services We Provide

    As a one-stop full-service dentist we provide a wide range of dental services including:

    ·         Teeth Whitening

    ·         Fillings

    ·         Braces

    ·         Laminates

    ·         Crowns

    ·         Implants

    ·         Root Canals

    Providing you with the highest quality and most up to date dental health care can keep your teeth and gums their healthiest while giving you a beautiful sparkling smile that will give you the confidence you need in both your business and personal life.


    We Believe in Continuing Our Education

    We believe continuing our education is the best way to provide our clients with the high quality dental care you deserve. We continue our education in a number of different ways including through dental meetings, attending lectures and conventions and being part of a study club. These various learning situations keep us updated on:

    ·         On the newest and best dental care techniques

    ·         Newest dental procedures

    ·         The latest Dental and Oral Products

    ·         The Newest Equipment


    Affordable Care

    We recognize that not every family has dental insurance so we do our best to try and keep our services affordable. We believe that providing high quality preventative services on a regular basis will help keep your dental costs down.

    To learn more about the individual dental services we provide please feel free to browse our website. If you have a question or want to schedule a dental appointment give us a

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