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  • N540VF
  • Vince Frazier
  • Team Rocket/Harmon Rocket
  • F-1H
  • IO-540-C4B5
  • Hartzell
  • Completed
  • October 2004
  • My Rocket began life as a stock Harmon Rocket way back in 1999. Team Rocket soon began offering what I considered to be improvements and I incorporated these into my plane. Notable improvements to the stock Harmon design centered mainly on the landing gear design, which affected the FWF too.

    The F1 landing gear moves the wheels about 4" forward of the stock Harmon position. This puts a bit more weight on the tail and makes it much, much less likely to nose over... an all too common occurrence with stock Harmon Rockets.

    On the other hand, I chose to use an RV-4 tail and a flopper canopy normally seen on the Harmon Rockets over the F1 sliding canopy and F1 tail.

    The sliding canopy is much more difficult to build than the flopper (I've built both). Also, the flopper can be readily sealed against air leaks, whereas the slider cannot. Also, the visibility and ease of entry/egress is MUCH superior with the flopper. Yes, the slider looks cool, but that's where its advantages end.

    The RV-4 tail is well proven on the Rockets and has delightfully light control feel. The F1 tail, according to some, has a heavier feel. There have been reports of other problems with the F1 tail, but I have no firsthand knowledge of the exact problems.

    My aircraft also incorporates several other "upgrades." 42 gallon wing tanks are used rather than the F1's 52 gallon tanks, which I consider too large. 42 gallons will give up to 4 hours of flight time easily, far more than my 2 hour bladder capacity, so why carry the extra fuel weight?

    My aircraft also has shortened main gear legs. Read my website as the reasons and details are all there. http://www.vincesrocket.com/Additions after 10-27-04.htm

    Another feature is that I use (and sell) the Screaming Eagle tailwheel instead of the standard Van's type tailwheel typically found on most Rockets. The Screaming Eagle tailwheel has better obstacle clearance and lighter steering pressures for better handling. You can find out more about it here: www.flyboyaccessories.com

    In summary, I love my plane and if doing it again, I'd not change a single thing. Read all about it here: www.vincesrocket.com

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  • Mount Vernon
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  • IN
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  • United States







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